trizia pic hand-made pottery
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Here you can send photos or write us whatever you like... we found of positives that all clients/friends can see.

We would like to thank all our clients/friends that have been so encouraging with their compliments!
You are such lovely persons even our animals are thank full for what you have bought from us ,so they can leave an happy and easy life!!!

Jeane Stone

Ciao Trizia!! I just discovered your website and love being reminded of you and San Gimignano. Hope we'll see you again soon! Greetings from Alabama.

Published on 13/12/2010


Mia figlia ha portato un bel pezzo di ceramica da voi e lo riportò in Wisconsin, USA. Lo amo così tanto che voglio comprare un pezzo per lei. La prego di dirmi come posso ordinare

Published on 13/12/2010

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