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Patrizia Piciacchi has loved painting from always.
She started professionally in her mother's studio,testing different colors,techniques and surfaces.....
Since 12 years ago she studied the therapeutic effects of colors becoming an expert in color's therapies .With this knowledge and a deep instinct coming from the nature she lives in,she found the right way to bring these therapeutic vibrations of colors in her ceramic,giving them back to her clients.Thank's to the passion of painting she met her husband Luca Caponi.
He also is a painter with a sensible soul,using colors that makes contrasts and that complete each others with a strong impact that talk about him.
With this feeling he paints his ceramic.
The colors they use are not by chance,they come from an energy that creates an equilibrium in you,drinking,eating or simply looking at them.....
As we know in the universe everything has a frequency that influence us and everything around us.....
The power of the colors gives us an intense strength and if we let ourselves to experiment it and feed through his vibrations we will find out how it can be satisfying using them!

Tazza blu Tazza colorata Tazza lisca blu Tazza verde scuro Vasi con tulipani Particolare vaso Tazza a righe Barattolo con tulipano Tazza con pennellate colorate Particolare di vaso Sciarpe in seta blu e verde Sciarpe in seta
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