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The ceramic you buy can have some imperfections, this is a characteristic of the hand made ceramic. Every piece has made with care and intention...
If you would like to have something perfect we don't advise you to buy our ceramic. This is truth even for the size of each piece for the same reason. Our ceramic is alive, not static!!!! For all these reasons we don't accept any complains about the pieces you have bought.


Our shippings are insured, if the shipping should arrive damaged, please the first thing to do is to send us a photograph of the broken piece/s by e-mail immediately and we'll provide to pay you back, the price of the piece/s (not the shipping) or as soon as possible (if possible) to send you back what you have bought.
Please contact us before you by anything to know how long is the waiting time and the right price of the shipping.


Our affectionate clients can expect our special consideration...
The most important thing for us is that you'll be patient about the time we can deliver what you have ordered, in change we will give you our best...



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